Taking Recruitment Mobile

YachtMe is taking yacht recruitment out of the office and away from the desktop computer and is bring it directly to your pocket.

About us

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

-What if I’ve missed the perfect job?

-How will I ever get a job without daywork experience?

If your inbox is flooded with sign-in notifications from job agencies, but you’re still waiting for interviews, something is seriously wrong, and we are here to make it all right!

With so many yachting agencies out there and so much competition, any yachtie can understand the stress associated with finding a job, and the fear of missing the greatest opportunity of your life.

YachtMe is an innovative yachting app that dramatically simplifies this process, making the whole job hunt much easier by streamlining everything into one platform. We have put alot of time into designing the platform to be fun, easy and extremely user friendly.

Boats can find their perfect crew, and crew members can find the right position on the right kind of boat that suits their interests and capabilities.

With this single, user-friendly app/website you can view all the relevant jobs in your area and apply in a simple click, while getting to know captains and other crew along the way. YachtMe lets you communicate directly with interested captains, while also allowing you to build your network and socialize through the social side of the app.